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Shanghai, are you ready for a serious open data initiative?

Feng Gao posted on 2014-05-14

Today, Shanghai's gov announced their new open data plan for 2014. But are we all ready for such big step? This post provides an overview on what has been done right and what should be improved to seriously create an open data ecosystem in Shanghai


WOW, QingDao's Roadmap of Open Data Initiative has been revealed

Feng Gao posted on 2014-02-15

Qingdao's icity365 platform was previously rumored as open data platform. In fact, it is not. But there is a plan to set up one and the plan has been recently publicly revealed in an article wrote by gov's IT staff.


Work-in-Progress Projects

Feng Gao posted on 2013-12-21

It is once again the end of a year and the time to wrap up everything and reflect upon the progress. So this blog is about to summarize what I'm working on and record their current progress and reflect upon what can be done in the new year.


Open Data in China: Gov's thoughts

Feng Gao posted on 2013-11-04

Fudan University hosted a international forum of e-gov and I attended the forum to hear two talks on open data given by Shanghai's gov staff. Those talks refresh my understanding of Chinese Gov's interest in Open data and their efforts. So report it here to help international community know the current status of open data in China and the possible future it may indicate.


Chinese Gov's interest is in big data but probably NOT open data

Feng Gao posted on 2013-09-03

This post recorded my observation and thoughts on Gov's attitude to Open data and Big data. The lack of nationa policy on transaprency and open data worried me a lot on whether the Gov just recognizes the economic value of data but not its impact on innovation and transparency.