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Feng Gao

Open Data Advocate and Open Knowledge's ambassador for China. Researching, Designing and Coding for Change. Available for Freelancing work

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What does Open Data mean?

This is a independent research project planned by myself. It aims to understand how people in China understand the concept of Open Data and their demand for such data and potential usage.

Open Data China Story

Initiated the project which tracks and records the progress of Open Data Initiative (ODI) in China. The project aims to provide one-stop portal for international community to know the current status and progress of ODI in China.

FOI Case Repository for China

Working with NGOs to design and develop a new portal in China to encourage more people to make FOI requests and record previous and future cases. The project is planned as two parts: a wordpress-powered site to provide FOI-related news, tutorials&tips, and featured FOI cases from invited organization or individual; a modified version of Froide to collect and archive FOI cases for researchers, cititizens, gov officials, NGOs, and International Community to know much better about the status of FOI in China and look for potential collaboration between parties.

“Beyond Transparency” Simplified Chinese Tranalstion

Initiated the project with Code for America and Yeeyan.org. Currently am serving as the project manager and working with 6 recruited transaltors. Expect to deliver the translation in the later of Spring, 2014.

[DONE] Open Barometer 2013

Was invited to serve as reviewer for China. Conducted desk research to investigate the context&impact of open data in China and the status of KEY datasets.

[DONE] Open Index 2013

Volunteered as the Country Editor for Open Index. Conducted desk research to review submitted assessment of KEY datasets in China.

[DONE] Crowdsoucing People’s Food Beliefs to Power Data-Driven Food Apps

This is my PhD thesis project focuses on understanding and leveraging people’s food beliefs to address individual’s uniqueness in thinking about food and provide personalized solutions to help people eat healthy. Findings were published at Ubicomp, Pervasive Health, and IUI.