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Some Ideas on Open Data Projects

Some random thoughts on what Open Data project we can do in China

A showcase project

IDEA: We could create a microblog to introduce one nice visualizations or applications or platforms built upon open data per day (is there so much apps available? perhaps not that frequent).

RESOURCES: I already found there is a pinterest board collecting some interesting open data apps and that could be the start point.

ACTION: [update on 09-03] I’ve started experimenting this idea. As a first go, I just basiclly write a microblog with nice photo on Sina Weibo with the hash tag #每天秀一个开放数据应用#

A Data Request Platform

IDEA: develop a platform to help people submit their data requests in an clear way so that goverment could know

1) how popular the request is

2) what’s the best practice in other country

3) how public will use it,

4) and what value it could create.

The second purpose of the platform is to provide a platform to publicly record data requests and monitor the progress so everything is transparent in this case.

RESOURCES: might look at Greek’s Want2Know project as well as the Data.gov.uk’s data request roadmap. Some older information public request platform such as asktheeu and whatdotheyknow could also be helpful.